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It's Spring!!!

We got there. It is officially Spring. The snow, at least here in Guelph, is mostly gone. The nights are cold and the days are warming up. The sap is flowing. That's all well and good. I am grateful. But this Pandemic has to go!

I've got onions growing under lights from seed. I have peppers popping under lights and next week I'm going to start my tomatoes and some other things. I hope that you're doing ok and that your're getting out into the light and the warmth. And I hope that you've had a least one sessionof seed packets on the kitchen table. Maybe you're gotten out some graph paper and a pencil and you're drawn this years garden, taking into account what you grew where last year. And don't forget to amend your soil as soon as it's workable. Compost is best. Leave the chemicals out of the garden. They don't belong there. And maybe if you're feeling adventurous read up a bit on no-till gardening. Here's a link:

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