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Extend your growing season both coming and going.

Last year I built raised beds in my back yard and covered them with electrical conduit hoops and then chicken wire. It was a bit of a chore but I will be able to use them for many years to come. And I had zero squirrel trouble last year. For the first time ever. In the fall I covered the hoop houses with plastic and converted my fair-weather raised beds to over-wintering beds. I am currently growing winter hardy spinach, radishes, lettuce, chard and arugula. It's pretty cool to go out in December and January and harvest greens in the winter. If you're inclined to want to extend your season both coming and going (spring and fall) then I recommend a Google search. There are a million resources there. Tons of videos. And I have provided a link below to a Mother Earth News article that covers everything but not in an overwhelming way.

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