Cal Wonder Yarden Sweet Pepper - Organic

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25 seeds per packet approx.

76 days to maturity

The standard open-pollinated pepper. Medium 4” fruits with thick, fleshy walls and mild flavour. Matures green to crimson. Organically grown seed.

Start early March into the first week of April. These seeds need lots of heat to germinate.Nightime low temperatures should be above 55 farenheit.

Plant seeds in starter trays 1/4 inch deep and keep the soil evenly moist without waterlogging. Peppers typically take 10-14 days to germinate. Transfer into 2–4 inch pots if necessary. Harden off seedlings for 7–10 days before transplanting, but do not expose them to temperatures below 55°F. Transplant 8–12 week old seedlings outside, 4 weeks after the last spring frost, when daytime temperatures reach 70°F and nighttime temperatures are above 55°F. Space plants 12–18 inches apart, allowing 24–36 inches between rows.

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