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"We may not be big but we're small!" is a quote from the late Stuart McLean of CBC fame. His radio show called "The Vinyl Café" aired on CBC for many years and the quote refers to his vinyl record store of the same name.


My name is Matthew Forbes. I like the idea of small. The Saturday Seed Co. is definitely a small company. It's just me and occassionally family members join me at the kitchen table to hand-pack seeds into seed packets, and less rarely they re-assure me that this was a good idea. I started the Saturday Seed Co. in April of 2020 and it's a labour of love. I'm doing my best to curate the kind of varieties that are tried and true and to also offer some more varied and interesting varieties for you to try. But, since I like small and really, it's all I can manage, I'm going to keep this small. Maybe you won't get all your seeds here. That's OK. But, get some, or get them all. But take pleasure in the fact that you are supporting a very small business. One of the benefits to small businesses is that if you make contact, you're going to talk to me. You'll have a direct line to the boss, and the marketer, and the clerk and the packet packer, etc. You don't get that with the larger companies. And then, when it comes time to grow seed, it'll be me again. I'll have accurate and intimate information about the seed that I've grown. Which I will pass on to you. So, small is better!!

MInnie Heart designed the logo and the seed packet for Saturday Seed Co. and it's awesome.
Minnie Heart is an illustrator and musician living in Waterloo, Ontario.  To see more of her work, visit

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